About us

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We are founded with the philosophy to provide efficient shipping and moving services from the US to Belize. We adopt the "special service method" to pick up from your home in the US and deliver to any location in Belize.

Our business specializes in shipping personal effects from the USA to Belize. We can move your entire household or just your container of personal effects.

Relocating to Belize: We can help you relocate to Belize. Contact us at +19044699265 and we will be happy to give you a quote and offer helpful tips on making your relocation easier.

We move your entire household to Belize. We pick up your household item, ship them to Belize and then deliver them to your home in Belize.

We ship: Boxes, Bins, Barrels, household furniture, household appliances and vehicles from the USA to Belize. Our cost includes shipping and delivery to your address in Belize.

We consolidate your online shopping – Shop online from the comfort of your office or home and ship to our address; we will consolidate your items and ship them to Belize for you.

What we offer

Contact us for shipping your vehicle to Belize; vehicle must be able to drive since its transported on a car carrier or transporter.